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  • Mediate don’t litigate in court

    Avoid court and do what is best for your future to avoid the high costs and stress associated with divorce litigation

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  • Don’t let a judge decide what is best for your kid(s)

    An experienced mediator can help settle custody and visitation issues during a divorce which in turn can save children a lot of heartache during an already difficult time in their lives

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  • Mediation can give you control of your own destiny

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About Us

Experienced Family Law Attorney Mediator Serving The Orange County Area

Attorney Haleh Rashidi has been practicing law for over 14 years.  She has litigated all types of family law cases in Orange County courts and conducted extensive trials and contested hearings from custody/visitation, division of assets, to child/spousal support.  After many years of litigation she has decided to put her vast experience and legal expertise in mediation to help couples settle their own divorces without court intervention.  Acting as a neutral third-party mediator, Ms. Rashidi uses her knowledge of the law and past trial experience to help couples resolve their case and settle without going to court.       

She realized through the years that the courts (especially in Orange County) are so overwhelmed with divorce cases that it is almost impossible to get the attention they truly deserve.  Due to the overwhelming demand on the court system, cases move very slowly which in- turn causes clients to waste more money and time in court without resolving the issues. 

Hiring an experienced mediator will prevent the loss of control in the divorce process and save money, time, and put less stress on the entire family.  Call the law offices of Haleh Rashidi to schedule your consultation.  (Note: all mediation consultations need to be with both parties present.)


  • Ray S. Recommends Haleh Rashidi

    I found Ms. Rashidi through a referral from a friend for a mediator for my divorce.  We wanted to make sure we stay out of court and talk to a neutral third party mediator to resolve our divorce disputes.  As soon as we met her it was apparent that she knew the ins and outs of the rules of family... Read On

  • Morgan A. Recommends Haleh Rashidi

    Ms Rashidi is extremely efficient, patient and knowledgeable. I would definitely refer Ms Rashidi. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients het the results they want and through mediation helps get you out of court and save money. Read On

  • Shabnam P. Recommends Haleh Rashidi

    She really takes the time to listen to her clients and get the best result. The issues of family law are delicate and sensitive and no one gets that better than her. It's rare that you find an attorney that cares so much about her clients. She's intelligent and efficient and won't stop working un... Read On


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